Tips to avoid most dangerous chemicals in baby skincare products

Quick Tips On Avoiding Chemicals In Baby Card Products

When it comes to providing great products for your babies hygiene and skin here’s a list of great details to take heed to. When you are in either a supermarket, pharmacy or any convenient store just take a good look at what is on the shelf that is full of baby skincare products. The looks on the products can definitely come across as appealing natural. Also these products can have terms that is selected as pure or even gentle. Looks can be deceiving absolutely what you should do is take a good look at the ingredients. While looking at these ingredients you are guaranteed to see a long range of chemical names. Keep in mind that some of these named ingredients aren’t natural baby skin care ingredients. Some of these ingredients you might not dare want to put on your baby’s skin. Once again not all these natural baby skin care products have harmful ingredients but chemicals are linked to risks of cancer at a increased percent. So you are wondering which baby skin products to avoid? Let’s take a look into details with these wonderful tips.

Be Mindful Not All Chemicals Are Bad

More than certain you must be very knowledgeable when it comes to the topic of toxic chemicals. It is also absolutely important to hang on to your common sense. Fear Mongering is definitely at a high when it comes to natural baby skin care products. It is also significant to understand that most ingredients in retail baby skin care products have indeed been approved to use. These chemicals aren’t bad in themselves for the most part the whole goal is to get you to read and be aware of the ingredients. Natural substances alone are made up of chemicals, yup that’s right including the common substances such as air and water. Even though chemical ingredients that are approved for use doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for your precious baby to use. A majority of ingredients that we thought was safe for our baby has in fact been dangerous and risky for our babies. For perfect example products like baby talc powders has an high risk of asbestos. Asbestos are chemicals that you can find in things such as cement. According to they have a saying that “ If you’re not willing to place it in your body then you shouldn’t place it onto your baby’s skin”.

So Here Common Products To Find Chemicals In Your Baby Skin Care Products & Should You Look Out


Fragrances are commonly known as perfumes. Why are fragrances important to look after? Well manufacturers don’t necessarily need to specify the ingredients that they put inside of fragrances. According Lovekins artificial fragrances are made up on synthetic chemicals. They also stated that the University of Maryland as found 80 To 90 percent of these fragrance ingredients are made from petroleum in baby skin care products.

Fragrance Common Chemical Ingredients Used

Acetone Phenol Toluene Limonene Benzyl acetate

Also to note another thing to keep watch of is baby skin products that are labeled “fragrance free” also be extremely aware for perfume or other fragrance products that aren’t labeled with ingredients.


A chemical that is linked to the awful disease cancer are parabens. Parabens also cause disruption in hormones and toxicity in your reproductive system. These chemicals are a great concern to women who are pregnant and children.

List Of Ingredients Parabens Occur In

ethylparaben isobutylparaben methylparaben isopropylparaben propylparaben

(Note) Lovekin recommends you to their Paraben Free products.

A Look At Triclosan

Another dangerous chemical that has been studied upon is Triclosan. This chemical is often discovered soaps and lotions that are antibacterial. According to some studies this chemical may be involved in the development of cancer.

Can’t Pass Up On Mineral Oils

Mineral Oils may come off as natural, organic and safe. But you must be cautious and understand that when you learn another term for mineral oil like paraffin oil and liquid petroleum then you would know the dangers of health that is involved. Contamination is a problem that is involved in mineral oils especially when it is unpurified. Mineral oils that are unpurified has contaminants that is connected to the risk of cancer. Even though baby skin care products are labeled as purified there is still a deep worry amongst many people for contaminant risks such as PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). Mineral oils do indeed stop babies from moisture loss in the skin however there are no beneficial results for nourishing and hydrated your baby’s skin.

Compounds That Are Linked To Liver Tumors

riethanolamine diethanolamine DEA or TEA phosphate

The Chemical Phthalates

When you see the chemical compounds listed

DEP DPB DMP Phthalates These chemicals are normally found in personal care products and also children’s plastic toys. Studies was given that these chemical causes reproductive issues keep aware for these in baby skin care products. These chemicals are banned in certain products in Australia.

Sulfates Also Known As Sulphates

Sulfates is another chemical to look out after your baby for these chemicals can take away all the natural oils from the skin. It can all cause rashes and irritate skin that is sensitive. Disruption of hormones toxic in the organs is something Sulfates may also cause.

A Look At Natural Ingredients But With The Use Of Chemical Names

Sodium sterol glutamate is a natural plant with amino acids that is obtained from palm fatty acid. The PH is known to favor to acids similar to skin.

Glucose Dioleate is a ingredient that is non toxic and it reduces the irritation to the skin. It also brings down the value of irritation in other ingredients that’s in the product. This natural substance is obtained corn palm sugar non petroleum.

(Note) Some Ingredients that have long chemical names may seem dangerous but in fact safe.

Closing Out

Make sure that you are aware of safety hazards for baby skin care products. By obtaining these quick tips and doing further research will increase your knowledge of dangerous chemicals in these products that we often ignore.